Monday, March 16, 2009

tag from pudin

tag ni from my friend, pudin...

1) Print screen your desktop/laptop background in Paint
2) Then, crop into 2 parts

3) Insert 3 pictures of it in your entry (image size:LARGE)
4) Write something about it
5) Tag your friends...

ni wallpaper biasa je y sy gunakan..
saje je kerat belok2 camtu..huhu...
berwarna hijau supaya menenangkan mata sy if lama sgt ngadap laptop..
n then... sorryla sy xjwb tag ni dgn smpurna sbb xreti sgt nk buat crop into 2 parts in large image

Now .. i pass this tagged to :

1) miss dieba
2) zurin
3) farha

thank you :)